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    昆山恒盛金屬科技有限公司Kunshan handsome-Metal Technology Co.,Ltd
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    Established in 1998, Kunshan Handsome-Metal Technology Co., Ltd is located in No.111, South Yucheng Road High-Tech Zone, Kunshan City. She is specialized in steel trade and precision sheet metal parts manufacturing.we now has independent offices and standard workshop of 4000square metals and a team with 65 professional and efficient workers. The investment for main production equipment is about more than 1000 RMB, and with more than 100 supporting foreign customers. Relying on the iron and steel raw materials trade advantage, the company makes the raw material itself, which greatly reduces the product cost. We greatly improve the precision and production efficiency by using the domestic leading technology of high power laser forming blanking of the forming link utilization. And thus, we get the total support and high trust from our partners.